Getting More Reaches with Facebook….

Hey, Everyone!  

    I just took a class on Skillshare about 7 Secrets that’ll Boost Your Facebook Reach, which was soooo good…I just had to pass it along.  Yeah, it was an AWESOME class taught by Diego Davilla!  

    I have a Facebook page, which I have just considered a DEAD page.  I post things and I see it may have reached one or two people.  I think the highest number a single post has reached was EIGHT people! I get no interaction on the page! Like I said, basically it’s a DEAD page.  I was even considering whether or not it was worth having.

   Anyway, I took this class and WOW….Diego explained what things you can do to boost the number of reaches that a post gets.  I took his advice and I couldn’t believe my eyes…on just one of the suggestions that he suggested….it brought my post reaches up to 71 in just two hours! How crazy is that????Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.26.25 PM

    What’s crazier…is that by the end of the day it was up to 144 reaches!!!  And, this single post in one week is now up to 300 reaches and I didn’t have to do anything that cost me money or anything like that!  You can see my Facebook page at: @kellyin3d   I still haven’t gotten anymore followers or likes, but this is definitely a start!  

     And just a note: I’m no way affiliated with Skillshare or Diego…just a fellow illustrator who is passing along some helpful information.  So, if you are interested in taking this class, I highly recommend it and have enclosed a link at the top. Just click on Skillshare and it will take you to it. 

OH NO….being on vacation might have cost me a job!

Howdy Everyone!  

     Well, I had went on vacation and while I was on vacation I got a notification on my phone for an invite on Upwork.  I was excited, because it appeared that was some work for a children’s line and you know that’s right up my alley.  Anyway, I couldn’t see exactly what the job entailed on my phone and I didn’t want to accept anything without knowing all the details, not to mention I didn’t even know how to respond back using my phone….so, I thought I would just answer them when I got back in two days.    

     It was late when I got home, so the next morning I went to download the details of the job invite.  The job description was through Excel and my Mac was giving me a warning about Macros, which I never heard of, but it alerted me that it was a possible threat of a VIRUS.  

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.13.49 AM

You have to be kidding me!  Just then…I got a message that the client withdrew the invite.  WHAT???  There was no way to get in touch with her to explain that I was on vacation.

      It made me even more curious about what kind of job that it was that I lost.  I went ahead and saved the file of the job description named Designer on a UBS stick and got out an old lap top we never use and tried to open the file through there.  OH, it opened it alright….but, there were all words that appeared to be Dutch.  I couldn’t even read any of it!  It left me wondering what that was all about! Upwork had said the client was in the US, so what was all that gibberish in Dutch???  EEEeeek!  I’m just glad I didn’t open it on my Mac!!!!  I need my Mac! 

So, going on vacation cost me a job….or did it?  Strange!  Very Strange! I’m still baffled by the whole thing.

Trip to the Post Office….

Were did we leave off?  OH yes…I was pursuing a DRIBBLE invite, again.  Well, nope…no dice!  The 20th came and went and crickets …I didn’t hear a thing.  OH WELL….what can you do?

On the upside of things…I was commissioned to do an ornament, which came out SUPER cute!!!  I just shipped that out, today!package

 I think the client should be very pleased when they see it in person!  It really is just stinkin’ cute!  

I am in the process of working on a book cover right now. The theme is CIRCUS! YEAAA!  LOVE THE CIRCUS!  We are in the beginning stages of going over sketches, however, the REAL magic will happen when we get into the sculpting phase! That is when the characters come alive. Sculpture has a way of just making the illustration POP right off the page! It’s going to be VERY cool!  Well, I’ll keep you all posted.  

Here’s to everyone a GREAT day, today! : )

Dribbble Pursuits Again….

Howdy Everyone!  

        Last night, I was searching the Dribbble Invites again. I haven’t done that in awhile and I came across FIREART STUDIOS, who is one of my Twitter followers!  I decided to throw it out there into the universe again and I emailed them with my portfolio.  Here’s what I sent….me dreaming of a DRIBBBLE INVITE!


So, say a pray for me that I’ll get one.  I really could use the exposure to get some more jobs!  XOXO

Definitely NOT children’s art…

Howdy Everyone!  

I just want to thank Illustration Friday for giving up a platform to show off our work! LOVE YOU, ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY!  

    With that being said…the past two week’s words: SMOKE and TATTOO, have taken my sweet little illustrations to a whole different place!  HEE HEE  

    Last week’s illustration was of a lady SMOKING… and this week’s word, TATTOO…has completely taken my art to the rougher side of town!  LOL It just shows the range of art I can do…right? HEE HEE

     Anyway..the body was all sculpted and then finished in photoshop.  I did all the illustration in Illustrator and then brought those over to Photoshop and added them in. WoOH…took me a few hours just to finish all the artwork that would go on his body!  The girl on his arm is STINKIN’ adorable, though!  LOVE HER!

 Well, take a peek….


  Next week…I have some work coming up, so I don’t know if I will have time to do anything for Illustration Friday, but I’ll be back!  Don’t you worry! Have a GREAT rest of the week!